John Wyka AIA
Pass by Flash, Inc.

John Wyka is a licensed California architect and a member of the California State Bar Association. Having recently passed the California Supplemental Exam, John brings up to date knowledge about the content and procedures of the CSE to PASSxFLASH CSE.

During his own preparation for the CSE, John believed there was a lack of quality study materials that organized the required information in a precise, understandable and easy to use format. As result, John created his own study aid - a set of flashcards that served as a prototype for PASSxFLASH CSE. After passing the CSE on his first try, John consulted with other architects who had successfully taken the CSE as well as individuals involved in the providing assistance to CSE candidates. The result, after several revisions, is PASSxFLASH CSE: a product specifically focused on providing you both the knowledge and methodology you need to pass the CSE.

As an architect, John has experience in all areas of practice ranging from marketing to contract negotiations to design to contract administration. Because much of the CSE concerns the specific legal and regulatory environment unique to the practice of architecture in California, John's education and seven years experience practicing law provide in depth insight to this area and bring an unique perspective to the CSE community. John holds a Master of Architecture from the University of California, Los Angeles and a Juris Doctor from the New York University School of Law.

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