I have purchased the Sissoku Exam and study guide, the Leed Flash cards, the Chylinski Study Guide, and a couple others I can’t remember right now and PASSxFLASH is by far the best. The questions are actually like questions you might encounter on the test (I should know I failed once before I got your flash cards). At any rate, I can really tell the amount of thought and effort that went into creating those. I always promote your product whenever I’m on the ARE Forum. Thanks again for making a great product.
Chris L. 

In my opinion, these flash cards are one of the best study materials out there.  I saw the whole process from start to finish on how he created the cards.  I provided feedback on the cards, prior to the final set and I think the cards were invaluable to John's passing the exam on the first try.  If I didn't believe in the cards, I wouldn't sell them at my seminar.
D. Lee

The PASSxFLASH flash cards were very helpful in my study preparation.  Thanks in part to your cards, I was able to pass the exam in April.  Both my study partner and I purchased your cards and we used them not only for their content, but we were able to practice questioning and answering as well.  From what I can see, the content of the cards was very relevant and addressed well the topics that are covered in the exam.  I heard about the cards from my study partner who heard about them from his seminar with Dean Lee.  As you know, there are lots of different products a candidate can choose from in preparing for this exam.  I, myself, purchased hundreds of dollars worth of study aides.  I can very easily say that yours addressed the topics of the exam the most comprehensively and succinctly.
Thanks for providing such a great product.  I will be sure to recommend it to anyone I know who will be taking the exam.
Terry L.

John, I just passed the oral exam and your flash cards were the single best resource I found for the CSE. Our company bought four boxes for the California offices. Thanks much!
Nate Chiappa

I found your flashcards to be one of the best study aids for the CSE.  I took several seminars and mock exams, which were definitely helpful, but your 2009 cards had very straightforward and concise information on some of the new knowledge points that were extremely broad and somewhat vague as described in the test plan.  Most study guides do not adequately address these newer topics, which was very frustrating and required time-consuming and detailed research into very complex issues that most of us do not encounter in our daily practices.  I used your product extensively, and encourage my friends and colleagues to purchase it as a primary reference.
I had less than one month to prepare for the exam (I took advantage of a last-minute opening), and I passed.  This was my first attempt and I felt comfortable with the topics and the questions asked.
Thank you for your help in enabling me to accomplish one of the most important achievements of my career thus far- getting that license!
Lauren M.

The flashcards were one of the best study tools I had. Some of the more direct questions I received in the exam were very much like the flashcard questions. There was a question in which I answered directly from the flashcard and as I was about to go into more detail, I was stopped by the proctors who said I had answered enough to move on.
Tracy N.

I passed on my first attempt this past January – I thought the cards were helpful. They were a convenient way to study when available time was limited. Hope the others who have used your cards found them to be helpful as well.
David U.

The PASSxFLASH cards were incredibly helpful in my studying for the CSE. I studied CSE material for about 6 months before reviewing the flash cards. Then, 2 weeks before my exam date, I purchased them and they were my "last line of defense". I stopped studying all my other sources and reviewed only the flash cards for those last 2 weeks. By that time, I had a good, strong understanding of what was going to be on the exam, and the flash cards served to focus on each study item and each topic individually.
Not only did the cards help me focus on the incredible amount of material that had to be covered to take the exam, but surprisingly, they also answered a couple of specific questions that I actually had in my CSE, that I had not encountered before in any other study materials.
Thanks to PASSxFLASH, I passed on the first time.

I am glad to say that the PASSxFLASH cards helped me tremendously in passing the CSE. I just got my pass letter Friday and I took the May exam. The cards follow the new test plan in a very good way and the information on them is on point. I think candidates can pass the exam by using only your material, but even if they want to study more they at least have a guide which helps them organize their research. Thank you very much for your help with that.
Ilyes Niouzi

I have just passed the CSE with my 1st try, with only PASSxFLASH as my study aid. I found it very helpful and on target.   Thank you for your great product.
Penn H.

I thought the flash cards were great -- a really useful way to break down the important information to study.  I've since recommended them to everyone I know taking orals, and they have all agreed with this opinion.  They definitely helped me pass (November 08). Your cards provide a valuable service -- thank you.
Loren B.

The cards were great.  I did not pass my May exam but it sure helped me to improve my scores.  I got 142 points this time as opposed to the 51 points the first time.  I intend to review the cards again and again, study the Architect's handbook in more depth, and review laws, etc.  Thanks again for pulling together this great resource.  I passed all my NCARB/ARE exams on the first try, except for one.  The CSE is a different type of test entirely. I'm certain that if the questions were multiple choice I would have passed by now, but since the facts and details have to be accessible to answering oral questions memorizing the cards really helps.
Hoping third time is the charm,
Christine B.

I think the PASSxFLASH cards were very helpful. They were especially useful as a start for discussions with my study group. I took the exam twice. The first time I didn't have your cards. The second time I had used them along with other new study materials and I passed. I would highly recommend your cards.
Candice F.

I attended the Dean Lee seminars back in March & April of this year, and I bought the PassXFlash flash cards offered at the 2nd seminar. Starting in May, I began memorizing, word-for-word, the answers to each and every flash card. It was quite an undertaking, and initially I thought I may never get through it. As the exam date drew closer, I began to feel very confident about my preparation, and from the very first exam question - I knew that my preparation was dead on accurate. There was not one single question, that I was not fully prepared to answer. At the end of the exam, I was singing praises to Dean Lee for the EXCELLENT mock exam preparation, and to John Wyka for the AMAZING PassXFlash flash cards.

The flash cards were very helpful. I just passed my CSE exam and found out about it on Saturday. The cards really prepare you for the exam. They cover the entire content of the exam.   
Monisha A.

What I can say is: your cards are very helpful for me to pass the first time. After studying your cards for a while, they boosted my confidence. In terms of content, they're clear and understandable. For coverage, they do not deviate too much from the exam, and they overlap with other materials that I used. I really like your cards. I think it's one of the best investments in study materials. 
Jeanne L.

Using your flash cards, my coworkers and myself (total 4 of us) all passed the first time.  This is also without taking a seminar at all. Thanks again.
Ann C.

Thanks very much. Well, the test is difficult. It took me three hours, and I was concerned I hadn't passed. But I did! Your flashcards were thorough and well written, and I passed having primarily memorized the information on the cards, reinforced by skimming and reading documents, and clarified further by information online. I would recommend these - nice job.
Joel M.